Dear mama I am a few days past 23, with a dozen questions in mind, like how you keep going with all these strains pulling you down. At least at my age you had me,a collection you wrote on, sacrificed dreams burnt to keep me warm throughout the lonely nights he wasn't there to nature... Continue Reading →

A Suspect of a lifetime

We may forgive but never forget My aspects are of my innocence in your eyes, my every action twisted, napping the kid turned to kidnapping. I feel the need to do this now more than ever, disowned I'm now pre-owned . Ease my pain, cut the chain, I pray in vein, day in day out... Continue Reading →

Will you live for me

Peaceful or playful It's never stops Always on the go Never wait for a moment Around and around it goes Standing still with the room spinning All over mind driving my crazy With the seatbelt on Safely safe but with you I'm reckless Wrecking down walls I see you see me I see a little... Continue Reading →

Best part of the day

Chilling by myself With only my thoughts to keep me company What is the point of all this I'm running I'm running I'm out of steam Nothing is keeping me sane like this I'm really relying on my last and shit Glass half full But I'm always on E Talking to myself That's some great... Continue Reading →

We can’t all be happy at the same time

Imagine living in a world where everyone is happy. A world without stress or depression. A world filled with joy and laughter. We don't need perfection we just need happiness. Smiles all around. Happy faces everywhere. That's a world a can live in. Imagine living in a world where people help each grow and not... Continue Reading →

The monster under the bed

We were cool at first We used to talk and laugh Until he told me to kill myself The monster under the bed Has a new home and it's inside my head My bed was too small to contain such A monster. A prison in my mind is where I put it Sometimes I wonder... Continue Reading →

Without it

We search and long for it Our hearts bleed without it We can't sleep let alone sit without it Yet we all possess it Blinded by heat we still search for it The memories we carry are overtaken by it We can all see it but we choose to shut our minds to it That's... Continue Reading →

Self driven

Belief is self driven. Don't do things to please others do them for yourself. Believe in your work cause that's a reflection of you. Don't listen to society do you and don't hold back. Have a positive outlook on life because that's where the belief starts, if you think positive and keep am open mind... Continue Reading →


The pain goes away But the scars are forever They will come a time when you can't hold back the tears anymore They will flow from cheek cheek Like the Nile river Tonight's going to be the longest night yet Slowly but surely you start going crazy Your mind is on a wild goose chase... Continue Reading →

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