The price I pay for things to go my way

I pay to pave my path, while you're still in search of yours, love is a two way street & I am afraid we might not be heading the same direction, we just crossed paths at a point in time, guidance of split personalities, stuck between a life before me in trade for a life... Continue Reading →

A song from the heart

I've been depressed,Haven't been happy,Tried to crack a smile,Instead a tear came out.I'm trying to live,Don't wanna survive.Bring me back to life nowPanic attacks,Always on edge,Bout to go over.Tip toeing around the ledge,One thing in mind.I'm not getting youngerThe anger is too much,Its getting stronger,Losing the battle,Don't care about the war.Its far from over.I need... Continue Reading →

Free flowing

Back and forth i go,I'm waving with my hands in the airAt the mecry of the windCool breeze running through my hair.The earth keepings me grounded.Stretching as far as the eye can see.For me, the sky is the limit.With my friends to keep company.

pieces part 2

Picking up the pieces is always hard, Here I go again with the sad story, But it’s a short one this time. Can’t even see a anniversary Changing chicks like changing shoes, What is love again? I’m losing hope when it comes to love, Losing the fighting but the war goes on, So many battles... Continue Reading →

Long road to recovery

I'm tryna work things outI can't break out of this holeI dug this shit deeper than I thoughtBanging my head against the wallShaking things upLooking to sky for answersI find no more enjoy in sunsets anymoreThe longer i wait the more i get lostIn my mindI don't have mapI can't figure it outI'm stuck in... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

    Day in day out Same old argument We stay but we want to leave   What’s keepings us here It is love or fear I need a friend to lend an ear Loneliness got me here   Your love made me stay Toxic to each other But poison to the rest

What used to be

Together in bed Always worlds apart. Hanging from my wall You were always my art.   Play with me, And you will be hanging from your neck. Done with the games I’m looking for love, Not complications   Time arrows I’m constantly turning back the hands of time Trying to get what’s mine Can’t even... Continue Reading →

My last bully

It was in the 5th grade Early in the morning I wasn't looking forward to school Mainly because i didn't do my homework Lets just say i wasn't the brightest of them all There i was short and chubby Standing in line waiting for the teacher Here comes my bully The guy was 3 years... Continue Reading →


Like a flower growing in a crack on a sidewalk unnoticed The deep scents of pollen sent with the slight breeze blowing north. The sun is out at its best, kids bursting in joy and laughter, a walk down the alley not so different from any other day, everything in place, you see I am... Continue Reading →

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