Sunday Sunset

different shades of orange, your pretty color fills the sky. you bring light to the darkest place, make us feel safe. as you shine throughout the day, your rays brings hope . grants us access to your wisdom. how grateful we are, to be bless with such. keep us warm during the cold times.

Blessed Sunday

Waking up everyday is a blessing.We take it for granted.Let us not forget why we are here,Lets us not fade away.Hold on to your faith,It shall take you fruther. Have a blessed sunday everyone.

Happy Sunday

Early morning with a cup of coffee.Pen in my hand and its looking cozy.The cup spilled over it was a catastrophe.Slight breeze outside,Might take a chair.And be under a tree somewhere,With some trees in my hand.Sun kisses like rays of sunshine,Finding blind spots all over the place.I look up and its getting cloudy.I watch the... Continue Reading →

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