A lady whose eyes still keep me at wonder, saw her once for the impact to be so alive.Woke up feeling like writing to you, let's date back. Wishing to dating you, assail on you in the mystery to finding truth, what's it that's felt, is it in both you and I ?This might be... Continue Reading →


Dear mama I am a few days past 23, with a dozen questions in mind, like how you keep going with all these strains pulling you down. At least at my age you had me,a collection you wrote on, sacrificed dreams burnt to keep me warm throughout the lonely nights he wasn't there to nature... Continue Reading →


The pain goes away But the scars are forever They will come a time when you can't hold back the tears anymore They will flow from cheek cheek Like the Nile river Tonight's going to be the longest night yet Slowly but surely you start going crazy Your mind is on a wild goose chase... Continue Reading →

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