Africa day

Here are 10 qoutes from 10 great African leaders. "Political independence has no meaning if it is not accompanied by rapid economic and social development." Patrice Lumumba"The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart." Kwame Nkrumah“When a man is denied the right to live the life... Continue Reading →

Straight from the heart

Broken but still working Broken but still caring How do you love like this? All this pain Yet you keep coming So peace on the outside I'm fighting a war on the inside I'm not right but try to do right A lot is happening No time to be faking Everything comes from the heart... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a wondering mind

I'm turning into a non believer.. I shouldn't be your caregiver. A lot of you are misguided, Bad tour guide. You see where I'm going with this? How can you get the better picture with no HDMI? All you got is dime colours. Beauty with no brains. But you someone's type. As I type I... Continue Reading →

Short poem #1

Time and time again I fall for the same trick, Or should I say the same trap. Never a sweet treat at the end This might be the end. Back rubs feel like back stabs The knives are in. Can you aim for my torse? Turn my backache into a headache. I doubt you could... Continue Reading →

Same building, different views

The poorest of the poor are not those who don't have money but are those who leak wisdom. The richest people on this earth are those who are high off of life Those who seek knowledge where ever they go. Those who understand that the true mean of life is happiness through finding place in... Continue Reading →

A Suspect of a lifetime

We may forgive but never forget My aspects are of my innocence in your eyes, my every action twisted, napping the kid turned to kidnapping. I feel the need to do this now more than ever, disowned I'm now pre-owned . Ease my pain, cut the chain, I pray in vein, day in day out... Continue Reading →

Listen as I tell that

Faces change as backs turn, Arson is the crime. Here is where faith burns, lesson learned w or maybe yearn to learn the lesson more clearer. In a town full of waves & trends, we fence, flirt, hurt

Arrows from the heart

I wanna light up the skyline, With my words No caption. something straight from the heart. Like Cupid hit a bull eyes . These arrows take justice into their hands. I'm the Green Arrow.

#qoute of the day

“It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day that’s the hard part. But it does get easier” Bojack Horseman


You can't dream while surviving. So live you life until you live your dream. Live, don't just Survive

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