I’ll be fine

It won't be forever The feeling will fade This sadness Won't turn into madness I'll be fine An answer to a question No one can really answer Seeking for comfort Through substances Killing you slowly But you'll be fine Time to dine

Nothing stays the same

I would stay forever But nothing seems to last forever Temporary feelings with meaningless Relationships. Teaching you self hate ,with no love We tend to forget what matters The word love doesn't mean what it used too. Even winners cheat nothingg seems to be fair. You can't get ahead without a trick or two


Happy pill Sad pill We have a pill for everything Can't sleep? Take a pill Can't eat? Take a pill Pills are everywhere They are taking over Legal drugs to numb the pain To make you feel good Put a smile on your face Make you relax a bit Take the load off

Reason to smile

When life is good smile When life is tough smile No matter what you are going through Always find a reason to smile Remember nothing last forever. Your happiness is on the way Or maybe it arrived already. Key is to never give up Keep on moving forward And never look back Cause that would... Continue Reading →

Lost cause

Going around in circles Till I find my way out of this maze At this point my eyes are barely open But I do get the bigger picture Reaching for the stars I came back on a cormet I lost my 2 cents but found some common sense Me and you could find common ground... Continue Reading →

Few words

I am a man who speaks a few words I would rather write than talk Or not say a word at all I try to be polite And not say anything rude But they mistake my silence For weakness Thinking I'm better than them Cause I'm different or so they say My view of the... Continue Reading →

Angel angles

I thank an angel for being an angel, I hope to pay her what I owe her. With words being what I afford, she turns out to understand. That being the reason I hurt and struggle to stand down. Staying by her side like never before, state of being infatuated by who she turns to... Continue Reading →

I suffer alone

I suffer alone. I wait for the dark Like a vampire my thoughts are deadly at night My vampires are of a different breed They don't feed on blood They suck the life out of me Leaving me clueless Is my body useless? I took two knives for you One in back and one in... Continue Reading →


I find myself constantly having to apologise to myself for all that I've put myself through. Even though most of it is not my fault. I can't help but to feel sorry. I'm trying to make up for everyone's mistakes. I find myself thinking, am I living or am I just breathing? Feeling sorry for... Continue Reading →

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