Wednesday writing

I used to be a critical thinkerNow i barely use my brainMy thoughts have left the buildingNo standing ovationMy ideas are somewhere on the beachTaking a long vacationOops! I forgot how to breath againLike a giant I can't count up to 5I'm sounding put these wordsAs I write them down.

Hurt me, break my heart.

I give myself to you , a sacrifice for I see fit, I've reevaluated all that could go wrong, it outweighs the good in this, what do I see in this, I feel for this, a gentle kiss, I miss my miss, it is what it is when "is" is and not "was" . Comparison... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

    Day in day out Same old argument We stay but we want to leave   What’s keepings us here It is love or fear I need a friend to lend an ear Loneliness got me here   Your love made me stay Toxic to each other But poison to the rest

What used to be

Together in bed Always worlds apart. Hanging from my wall You were always my art.   Play with me, And you will be hanging from your neck. Done with the games I’m looking for love, Not complications   Time arrows I’m constantly turning back the hands of time Trying to get what’s mine Can’t even... Continue Reading →

A glance of what could be

Just like a taste of paradise, an escape from reality, a place were dreams come to life. A life that lives in your presence, it’s a young man’s world, we always make way for the next generation as we mess up our old ways. Just like you made exceptions letting be, held me in your... Continue Reading →

Confused thoughts

The wosrt kind of posion, When love turns to hate And starts feeding on your emotions It turns your mind inside out With rage and anger Heart break, This isn't the first time I guess lightning does strike twice Where to from here? Living with a broken heart And a negative mind The soul is... Continue Reading →

Short poem #1

Time and time again I fall for the same trick, Or should I say the same trap. Never a sweet treat at the end This might be the end. Back rubs feel like back stabs The knives are in. Can you aim for my torse? Turn my backache into a headache. I doubt you could... Continue Reading →

Here we go again

Here we go again, The saga continues. The sequal was amazing, Is this a remake or reboot? It does matter. It hits close to home. I can't stop cause im a moving target, Make it hard for you to shoot me. You blasting bullets, I'm dodging bullets. Your aim is off... Like those guys that... Continue Reading →

Short story

Met her on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, saw her climb off a cab at a halfway house, as I fed my addiction, a cigarette bud thrown as I approached. It was as she went for refreshments, that I thought of saying hi but didn't wanna budge. Little did I know she will be seated next... Continue Reading →

Same building, different views

The poorest of the poor are not those who don't have money but are those who leak wisdom. The richest people on this earth are those who are high off of life Those who seek knowledge where ever they go. Those who understand that the true mean of life is happiness through finding place in... Continue Reading →

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