The box they put you in

To me the box doesn't exist I have broken free from the chains They place on me My imagination has no limitation Most people's imagination goes as far as the eye can see in the dark. What's the point of thinking outside the box when you are not ready to really explore the unknown Is... Continue Reading →

Were you really the one for me though?

Looking back now I don't think so. I hurt myself more than I hurt you We has nothing in common We shouldn't have lasted that long The odds were always against us But we pulled through time and time again We came from different places We didn't see eye to eye on anything. We were... Continue Reading →


I find myself constantly having to apologise to myself for all that I've put myself through. Even though most of it is not my fault. I can't help but to feel sorry. I'm trying to make up for everyone's mistakes. I find myself thinking, am I living or am I just breathing? Feeling sorry for... Continue Reading →

My future

My future seems like a distant memory Have I been here before? Nothing seems to surprise me anymore A man with nothing to lose A man with no fear Like a wounded animal I fight for survival In this concrete jungle We were all meant to fail In order to succeed? I don't think so

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