I got my own back

Taking to myself daily, That's some great advice. Pep talk? Don't worry I got it covered. It took me a while to realise that "I'll be here for you" as a time limit. They are not around when you need them the most. They leave when days are dark. Even my shadow disappears at night.... Continue Reading →

Reason to smile

When life is good smile When life is tough smile No matter what you are going through Always find a reason to smile Remember nothing last forever. Your happiness is on the way Or maybe it arrived already. Key is to never give up Keep on moving forward And never look back Cause that would... Continue Reading →

Trust your gut

Energy doesn't lie trust the vibe you get From people. People will smile with you and still put a knife in your back. People can be with you but still not feel your pain. People are good at hiding thier true intentions. The masks that they wear doesn't come With emotions or feelings. People will... Continue Reading →


"You were simpler You were lighter when we thought like little kids Like a weight-less, hate-less animal Beautifully oblivious before you were hid Inside a stranger you grew into as you learned to disconnect Now he hangs your mirrors separately So one can't show you what the other reflects" ~ The Antlers

Whose in mind running in circles

Thoughts of you through out the day, on my mind all day & it's almost night. I don't know what to make of you, feeling overwhelmed by your persona , beauty so devine I get lost looking in your eyes, constantly looking away. I glance in suspense, it sort of makes me tense but those... Continue Reading →

Note to self

No one will love you the way you love yourself, don't ever take yourself for granted. Self love means loving yourself , putting yourself first no matter what cause that is human nature. Don't live for someone else. Sometimes you need to be selfish , sometimes you need to say no so you can be... Continue Reading →

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