As I seat here heartbroken again I didn’t mean to Love is so fucked up Just a promise that I’ll break your heart some day I’m tryna be a better man Like all smiles and no tears Long nights and short days No matter how you treat them Life is no magic trick What’s love... Continue Reading →

What used to be

Together in bed Always worlds apart. Hanging from my wall You were always my art.   Play with me, And you will be hanging from your neck. Done with the games I’m looking for love, Not complications   Time arrows I’m constantly turning back the hands of time Trying to get what’s mine Can’t even... Continue Reading →

Love letter

Ohh mr pessimistic bunny I love that , i love you the way i do, its different very different. I can't love anyone the same We may have bumps in the road but one thing i love most about you , is the way you look at me , sends shivers down my spine I... Continue Reading →


She makes me warm She makes me smile By my side always Understanding and caring Perfect from every angle She got my heart trapped In her angle lock Hurt but still loving Broken but still hoping The writings on her arms Tell a story. You been so alone for so long This was your long... Continue Reading →

I got this girl on my mind

Playing with time, I got this girl on my mind. I can't figure it out? Is it love or is it lust? I'm losing my mind, She got my acting out of character. I've been so blinded by the big picture I forgot about the little things in life The ones that matter Is love... Continue Reading →

A lock with no key

Writing and crying Emotions running down my cheeks Feelings turn into ink Scripture of my heart forever locked away Never to be seen again Small circle with not edges I have no angels Straight forward till the day I die

When you are missing someone

I can't hold it in anymore I just wanna hold her and never let go Watch her smile I miss the sound of her voice The look in her eyes I miss her more everyday I tried to let go but I can't I have never felt like this for anyone before. I don't know... Continue Reading →


Will you ever be whole again? Will you ever find love again? Can you find it in your heart to trust again? Open yourself up and be free Go from crawling to running Jump a few steps. I was never in love with your mind. Your body caught my eyes. Eyes that out shine stars... Continue Reading →

One love

The candles are lit It's cold a bit But the mood is right Your timing is perfect I see galaxies in your eyes. Let's meet where the oceans meet We could stare up in the sky And watch as the day turns to night Forget about tomorrow let's live for tonight . The view is... Continue Reading →


She beautiful Wearing white She wears a permanent name tag tattoo benith her left shoulder Carres on how she ain't bothered by my approach, A glance in suspense, makes me tense but those eyes are worth a dream,

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