Life lesson, how to live with people

About 6 months ago, my neighbor asked us if we wouldn't mind sharing our Wi-Fi password. We decided to give it to him because it wouldn't cost us anything extra, and because we got along with him. Yesterday, as I was getting out of the car, the neighbor was at his door, getting ready to... Continue Reading →

Take me back

Looking back and thinking about the past.. my first love story... take me back


Do you think of me as gone? I am with you still in each new dawn. I never thought in so short I would be on a pen writing another obituary after "TM in a circle" , saying my goodbyes and so longs to an old friend, a daughter, a mother to a nation in... Continue Reading →

A Thirst only you can quinch

Put your intentions clear before you hit me up. See through me like I see in you and not yet through you, see in me what I am truly and not only what I portray, say, say what's it that comes to mind and play through the pauses of life. Paws with claws how every... Continue Reading →

old me

I keep repeating the same pattern like a bad student The module is called love and I keep failing I can no longer contain my failures Even my face shows it That fake smile went missing like her feelings for me

Thoughts from bae

I used to rave and ravel in anger .💆🏽‍♀️ I used to be so vengeful 🥺it literally took over my life . everyone turned into grey. Just one colour 💆🏽‍♀️ I couldn't see straight there was only hate for others then i started hating myself😭 It hit hard like a brick wall.🥺 One faithful day... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

    Day in day out Same old argument We stay but we want to leave   What’s keepings us here It is love or fear I need a friend to lend an ear Loneliness got me here   Your love made me stay Toxic to each other But poison to the rest

My last bully

It was in the 5th grade Early in the morning I wasn't looking forward to school Mainly because i didn't do my homework Lets just say i wasn't the brightest of them all There i was short and chubby Standing in line waiting for the teacher Here comes my bully The guy was 3 years... Continue Reading →


Like a flower growing in a crack on a sidewalk unnoticed The deep scents of pollen sent with the slight breeze blowing north. The sun is out at its best, kids bursting in joy and laughter, a walk down the alley not so different from any other day, everything in place, you see I am... Continue Reading →


Promises broken were once promises made. A speech act to live up to, commitment, a state of falling in love with woman that I don’t know what I see in them, losing myself in the act , falling victim to circumstance. They was something about her face, how she kept me on a chase, well... Continue Reading →

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