Do you think of me as gone? I am with you still in each new dawn. I never thought in so short I would be on a pen writing another obituary after "TM in a circle" , saying my goodbyes and so longs to an old friend, a daughter, a mother to a nation in... Continue Reading →

Trying to fit in

Low ride Everything I do is on the down low I move is silence Well trained ninja Enter your mind Steal the wisdow Like knowledge is the key to success Bring life to those who seek death Should I be a man of his words Or an oath breaker Outlaw with no Morales Money can't... Continue Reading →

Listen as I tell that

Faces change as backs turn, Arson is the crime. Here is where faith burns, lesson learned w or maybe yearn to learn the lesson more clearer. In a town full of waves & trends, we fence, flirt, hurt

Where is the humanity

Whats happening to this world. Everyone wants to be heartless. Acting like you are savage. Playing hide and seek with your feelings. Emotions running wild. Hatred spreading like wild fire. Trust and love are no way to be seen, Like an absent father. Hope just stays home like an unemployed graduate. Society is as useless... Continue Reading →

Late night conversation with myself

Late night conversation with myself I don't whether I'm coming or going I don't feel like myself anymore I feel different, the vibe has changed Or maybe pain changed me. Love happened but nothing last forever So it had to end Was it me or was it you? We couldn't be happy I couldn't make... Continue Reading →

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