Promises broken were once promises made. A speech act to live up to, commitment, a state of falling in love with woman that I don’t know what I see in them, losing myself in the act , falling victim to circumstance. They was something about her face, how she kept me on a chase, well... Continue Reading →


If letters spell out words, words reign pain. It only rains on beautiful days or sorrowful nights,maybe we may,maybe we might I’m a sucker for love, would love when you sulk, travel in and not out, heart bigger than ours, no ego nor pride . All is aside , sharing a heart . I give... Continue Reading →

On my feet

I was sleeping Now I'm awake I was broken Now I'm healed Knocked out It's time to get back up Standing up was hard I just made it look easy Lately I've been telling people I'm busy No lie I was a bit lazy But I'm on my feet now I'm standing on my own... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a wondering mind

I'm turning into a non believer.. I shouldn't be your caregiver. A lot of you are misguided, Bad tour guide. You see where I'm going with this? How can you get the better picture with no HDMI? All you got is dime colours. Beauty with no brains. But you someone's type. As I type I... Continue Reading →

Dearest self

hold me like a lamp light I pray you don't let go, I've never been one to kneel but I've heard kneecaps are the beds of prayers and since then I've torn my jeans in your name. I've danced in the dark, where the waltz carries us to our hearts where I've heard mute men... Continue Reading →

I got my own back

Taking to myself daily, That's some great advice. Pep talk? Don't worry I got it covered. It took me a while to realise that "I'll be here for you" as a time limit. They are not around when you need them the most. They leave when days are dark. Even my shadow disappears at night.... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

Something new because new month means new content. This month we will be focusing more on music. We do more than just poetry we also do music and a lot more. Come experience the journey with us and young talent artists from South Africa. The first link we will share for our music Monday is... Continue Reading →

New month

New month It's time for new goals And challenges The winds have changed Are they blowing in your direction? Fortunes change Is it's luck or pure talent Change your outlook on life You are viewing from the wrong window No routine , change up a bit Get out of your comfort zone Come zone in... Continue Reading →

Music lovers. Music from my peers.

Let's support and leave comments DOPE HEADS Finally Release The Mixtape Volume 1. 30 June 2019, Rustenburg - Rephutetse is finally out, check out the 12 Track Mixtape available for streaming on #Soundcloud. Link Below: #Rephutetse - STREAM NOW! https://soundcloud.com/user-907527774     Catch Teezy on Nator Gang https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC49GWR2RP5VS3BD30Jc29LQ ENQUIRIES PR and Interviews/Bookings: NATOR GANG MEDIA... Continue Reading →

Live for the moment

Live for the moment Live in the moment Feed the soul With lasting memories Sunsets and sunrises Big dreams and one partner Grow and glow together Life is short and death is guaranteed Its no regrets This is your moment for life.

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