Do you think of me as gone? I am with you still in each new dawn. I never thought in so short I would be on a pen writing another obituary after "TM in a circle" , saying my goodbyes and so longs to an old friend, a daughter, a mother to a nation in... Continue Reading →

Hurt me, break my heart.

I give myself to you , a sacrifice for I see fit, I've reevaluated all that could go wrong, it outweighs the good in this, what do I see in this, I feel for this, a gentle kiss, I miss my miss, it is what it is when "is" is and not "was" . Comparison... Continue Reading →


You're male before you're a man, my barber said in a long conversation of about how rational decision taking makes of the gender, no matter what discipline was taught in your uprising that get tinted at a glance of another. We go on through so many lengths looking for trouble, effort required seem effortless, a... Continue Reading →

Worst feeling ever

When somebody loves you but you don't love yourself.Your whole world revolves around them.You look in the mirror and you see them.You call out their name when you arw dreaming,Having nightmares about losing them.You don't realise, you are losing yourself.If they are happy, you are happy.If they are sad, you are sad.You think its love... Continue Reading →

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