You're male before you're a man, my barber said in a long conversation of about how rational decision taking makes of the gender, no matter what discipline was taught in your uprising that get tinted at a glance of another. We go on through so many lengths looking for trouble, effort required seem effortless, a... Continue Reading →

Left behind

You are taking everyone Leaving me behind I watch as they go down Good people Gone for no reason How many do I have to mourn? Brittle like glass My heart shatters Trying to redirect the tears But they came down Like a house on fire How many people Before it's my turn Gone but... Continue Reading →

I am grieving with you

I am grieving with you But not in the same way I can't take away pain I can't answers all your questions I can't promise you things will get better But I can tell you the truth Life is not fair Things get worse before they get better You are a strong young woman A... Continue Reading →

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