A lock with no key

Writing and crying Emotions running down my cheeks Feelings turn into ink Scripture of my heart forever locked away Never to be seen again Small circle with not edges I have no angels Straight forward till the day I die

Death to self doubt

You can't control me, I like my body. I'm weird and happy. In love with myself, Something the world can't take from me. Happy to be alive Sad to live in a cold hearted society, Making the best of it. Greet you with a smile. Make your day. It's cost nothing to be nice. Start... Continue Reading →

Still not happy

I passed all my exams I should be happy but I'm not Is it too good to be true? Always expecting the worst Never knowing how to react When you winning How to turn this frown Upside down? Too many missing pieces I learnt that broken plates Can't be used to dish up Your favorite.... Continue Reading →

Nothing numbs the pain

We do what's bad To feel good We fool ourselves As long as it numbs the pain We go out and leave the pain at home Barely living but seeking love Two souls with no spirit I'm broke but money can't make me rich I'm sad but pills can't make me happy Dying but laughing... Continue Reading →

Running after you

I'm good with words but with it comes to you They don't seem to be enough A picture with words Looking like a Picasso drawing Disfigured Hard head I lay my eyes upon you I saw stars I saw you My heart ran to you I couldn't catch up

Nothing stays the same

I would stay forever But nothing seems to last forever Temporary feelings with meaningless Relationships. Teaching you self hate ,with no love We tend to forget what matters The word love doesn't mean what it used too. Even winners cheat nothingg seems to be fair. You can't get ahead without a trick or two

Where is the humanity

Whats happening to this world. Everyone wants to be heartless. Acting like you are savage. Playing hide and seek with your feelings. Emotions running wild. Hatred spreading like wild fire. Trust and love are no way to be seen, Like an absent father. Hope just stays home like an unemployed graduate. Society is as useless... Continue Reading →

Best part of the day

Chilling by myself With only my thoughts to keep me company What is the point of all this I'm running I'm running I'm out of steam Nothing is keeping me sane like this I'm really relying on my last and shit Glass half full But I'm always on E Talking to myself That's some great... Continue Reading →

Lost cause

Going around in circles Till I find my way out of this maze At this point my eyes are barely open But I do get the bigger picture Reaching for the stars I came back on a cormet I lost my 2 cents but found some common sense Me and you could find common ground... Continue Reading →

No sleep

My eyes are heavy Soaked in red I am the red eye Jedi Bags under my eyes But still no sign of sleep Has the sandman forsaken me? I have my own little farm Counting sheep But still no sleep I am trying to get to a better place Where dreams follow me to come... Continue Reading →

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