Something in the water!

A beautiful stream,some call it a valley way, mapped as a river filled with hay to sit and wonder alongside its banks just to admire, a reminder as to the ban given since kindergarten The water lights by night, best beautiful beaches one could wish they wished for, they is something in the water, Sea... Continue Reading →

Here we go again

Here we go again, The saga continues. The sequal was amazing, Is this a remake or reboot? It does matter. It hits close to home. I can't stop cause im a moving target, Make it hard for you to shoot me. You blasting bullets, I'm dodging bullets. Your aim is off... Like those guys that... Continue Reading →

I got my own back

Taking to myself daily, That's some great advice. Pep talk? Don't worry I got it covered. It took me a while to realise that "I'll be here for you" as a time limit. They are not around when you need them the most. They leave when days are dark. Even my shadow disappears at night.... Continue Reading →

Are you all in?

Out doing myself It's me against the odds Ì can't go against the world That would be a fixed match No fair play. You can't cheat death But you can hack life Take advantage of the situation Make it yours. Who is shaping your world? Who wants to rule the world? I just want to... Continue Reading →

Trying to fit in

Low ride Everything I do is on the down low I move is silence Well trained ninja Enter your mind Steal the wisdow Like knowledge is the key to success Bring life to those who seek death Should I be a man of his words Or an oath breaker Outlaw with no Morales Money can't... Continue Reading →

A peak through the peep hole

Once you take peak inside You'll never be the same again. So many thoughts and dreams have died My mind is like a gold mine My thoughts are precious But hard to come by Walk carefully you might step on a landmine I'll call you from the landline These words pack a punch You'll explode... Continue Reading →

Free falling down to earth

Up in the clouds so high I was flying with no mountain sight You came down on my like I'm getting sick Two option Crash land or free fall The end is getting closer Down to earth? I don't think so I'm free falling I can't land on my feet Like a cat stuck in... Continue Reading →

I’ll be fine

It won't be forever The feeling will fade This sadness Won't turn into madness I'll be fine An answer to a question No one can really answer Seeking for comfort Through substances Killing you slowly But you'll be fine Time to dine

New month

New month It's time for new goals And challenges The winds have changed Are they blowing in your direction? Fortunes change Is it's luck or pure talent Change your outlook on life You are viewing from the wrong window No routine , change up a bit Get out of your comfort zone Come zone in... Continue Reading →

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