Still not happy

I passed all my exams I should be happy but I'm not Is it too good to be true? Always expecting the worst Never knowing how to react When you winning How to turn this frown Upside down? Too many missing pieces I learnt that broken plates Can't be used to dish up Your favorite.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a broken mind

I saw myself laying on the streets Bleeding out No one to help me Screaming with no voice Crying with no tears This tar road has turned into my death bed I look up and I could see was darkness The knife still inside my body Pull it out and end my life Or wait... Continue Reading →

Time to you

It took me 25 minutes thinking about you The last time you where here, was indescribable I still get nervous around you, she said : This tear comes with a feeling of regret Crying over the past to survive on his own Embezzle You got a funny way of showing how you feel,

Cold world

This world is full of cold shoulders and blocked noses Heavy hearts and long faces I play my cards with all aces No more holding back I need the bag Like I'm back packing through Europe Just another traveller on the open road I told the world I'm going left at the to.e she going... Continue Reading →

New born

I feel like a new born Seeing the world for the time Trying to find my way now I got lost in my own happiness Time and time again this life never seems to amaze me Nothing seems to shock me Foci seek out justice Or continue living carefree Minding my business Staying in my... Continue Reading →

We can’t all be happy at the same time

Imagine living in a world where everyone is happy. A world without stress or depression. A world filled with joy and laughter. We don't need perfection we just need happiness. Smiles all around. Happy faces everywhere. That's a world a can live in. Imagine living in a world where people help each grow and not... Continue Reading →

The box they put you in

To me the box doesn't exist I have broken free from the chains They place on me My imagination has no limitation Most people's imagination goes as far as the eye can see in the dark. What's the point of thinking outside the box when you are not ready to really explore the unknown Is... Continue Reading →

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