I find myself constantly having to apologise to myself for all that I've put myself through. Even though most of it is not my fault. I can't help but to feel sorry. I'm trying to make up for everyone's mistakes. I find myself thinking, am I living or am I just breathing? Feeling sorry for... Continue Reading →


Loneliness can change you It can make you see the world differently It has the power to drive you crazy Or keep you sane. It opens up new levels of understanding You find yourself, you grow Loneliness has a power like no other It's beautiful in a sense that it's you and your thoughts against... Continue Reading →

Down but not out

I don't know the meaning of happiness. It's all a puzzle to me I can't solve it How do I remove the t in can't and start Saying can like everyone else? I'm a lonely soul on a road filled with failure and regret. A true loner with no friends just trust issues. A mystery... Continue Reading →

Negative thoughts

I'm trying to sleep but I can't I'm trying to move on but I can't I'm holding myself back As I try to hold on to you and the Moments we shared I'm trying to think positively but I can't I'm a negative person by nature I see the worst in everything And turn a... Continue Reading →

Dear part time father

I don't need your money I need your love I don't need all the fancy gadgets I need your guidance I grew up too soon Taking care of my lol brothers As they looked to me for guidance I never got. I became a father at the age of 14 Just a lost boy searching... Continue Reading →

Mind games

I know most of the things I say go over your head Trying to figure me out is like playing with Pandora's box You never know what you got till it's too late Trapped in my train of thought Don't get tied to the tracks My demons are under control I just point at you... Continue Reading →


The pain goes away But the scars are forever They will come a time when you can't hold back the tears anymore They will flow from cheek cheek Like the Nile river Tonight's going to be the longest night yet Slowly but surely you start going crazy Your mind is on a wild goose chase... Continue Reading →

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