Something in the water!

A beautiful stream,some call it a valley way, mapped as a river filled with hay to sit and wonder alongside its banks just to admire, a reminder as to the ban given since kindergarten The water lights by night, best beautiful beaches one could wish they wished for, they is something in the water, Sea... Continue Reading →


Do you think of me as gone? I am with you still in each new dawn. I never thought in so short I would be on a pen writing another obituary after "TM in a circle" , saying my goodbyes and so longs to an old friend, a daughter, a mother to a nation in... Continue Reading →


The new dawn breaks like bread,Broken around a table everybody gets a piece.The sky stretches like arms on an easy morning.Easy enough to picnic with your rubble and see a bright future for most days.The past was quick sand felt like fighting made it worse.My knuckles were starting to wilt

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