Hurt me, break my heart.

I give myself to you , a sacrifice for I see fit, I've reevaluated all that could go wrong, it outweighs the good in this, what do I see in this, I feel for this, a gentle kiss, I miss my miss, it is what it is when "is" is and not "was" . Comparison... Continue Reading →


The clouds out in numbers, the clouds out and up in competence with the sun rays, what a beautiful morning. It won't rain even when the signs show, it seems so cold even when the sun glows, the wind blows and goes with the same flow, gentle breeze with ease, humble weather, the coloured leather... Continue Reading →

Cold night

We die trying to live everyday.We are happy but not always smiling.Crying with no sign of tears.Those deep breaths that you take when things aren't going right,That's the real you.You think you are alone,Just beacuse you sleep alone.Full of life during the dayBut its a different story at midnight.Ducking punchs from both sidesThis is mid... Continue Reading →

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