The price I pay for things to go my way

I pay to pave my path, while you're still in search of yours, love is a two way street & I am afraid we might not be heading the same direction, we just crossed paths at a point in time, guidance of split personalities, stuck between a life before me in trade for a life... Continue Reading →

Silence in absence

We haven't spoken in three days and all the other days conversations seem to feel forced, reluctant to my ways she has become my fear of how relations drift apart , catastrophic for its strains, bad for its sad. None of us glad distant lover, ex lover, my lover, I loved you before & will... Continue Reading →

Made For Life

My happiest days are nothing but a memory. I thought pain was a phase till I suffered at the hands of an enemy. deadly weapons at their hands ,but death wasn't prepared for me. I got blessed with a curse, life wanted me there, no where else I'd rather be. So  I accepted my fate... Continue Reading →


I might have thought it was impossible. There's a couple of time I should have vouched for you, you're always here for me and I can't stand that truth, my only fear is I might run out of love for you. I know it's stupid but it's kind of common too, I've seen people run... Continue Reading →

I can’t Breathe

I should have looked to express, instead I tried to impress now I'm constantly stressed and  I'm chocking on my breath.I can't breath…My whole life has been a test and I've made such a mess cause I've been constantly suppressed and it got me chocking on my breath.I can't breath…I've been deprived of my needs,... Continue Reading →

Fake the new Real

It seemed like all i did was only cursed to fail..least I knew in time I'd have to contemplateSome People I knew turned out to be all just fakeThen my hunger grew so I took what I had to takeIt's nothing new just different faces with a common stakeSo forgive me too if I make... Continue Reading →

Lost Hope

I scripted my emotions just so you could notice me, I had us planned and this is not how it's supposed to be. Lost for words let my emotions speak for me


Promises broken were once promises made. A speech act to live up to, commitment, a state of falling in love with woman that I don’t know what I see in them, losing myself in the act , falling victim to circumstance. They was something about her face, how she kept me on a chase, well... Continue Reading →

Straight from the heart

Broken but still working Broken but still caring How do you love like this? All this pain Yet you keep coming So peace on the outside I'm fighting a war on the inside I'm not right but try to do right A lot is happening No time to be faking Everything comes from the heart... Continue Reading →

Short poem #1

Time and time again I fall for the same trick, Or should I say the same trap. Never a sweet treat at the end This might be the end. Back rubs feel like back stabs The knives are in. Can you aim for my torse? Turn my backache into a headache. I doubt you could... Continue Reading →

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