needing someone

I need someone to talk too The monster in my head aren’t helping How many times should I remake my world? Start over with someone new? Always coming back to this I know you don’t get it But its better this way If I add detail you might wanna subtract me Which will lead to... Continue Reading →

Short poem #1

Time and time again I fall for the same trick, Or should I say the same trap. Never a sweet treat at the end This might be the end. Back rubs feel like back stabs The knives are in. Can you aim for my torse? Turn my backache into a headache. I doubt you could... Continue Reading →

A Suspect of a lifetime

We may forgive but never forget My aspects are of my innocence in your eyes, my every action twisted, napping the kid turned to kidnapping. I feel the need to do this now more than ever, disowned I'm now pre-owned . Ease my pain, cut the chain, I pray in vein, day in day out... Continue Reading →

Listen as I tell that

Faces change as backs turn, Arson is the crime. Here is where faith burns, lesson learned w or maybe yearn to learn the lesson more clearer. In a town full of waves & trends, we fence, flirt, hurt

Arrows from the heart

I wanna light up the skyline, With my words No caption. something straight from the heart. Like Cupid hit a bull eyes . These arrows take justice into their hands. I'm the Green Arrow.

Walking through the forest

Walking through the forest Trees as old as my grandpa Wrinkly and fragile Trees so tall it's always night time No sunshine Even sunflowers are black and white Leafs are dry like they are surrounded by death This is where monsters come to die The smell of death in air So thick and foggy It's... Continue Reading →

#qoute of the day

“It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day that’s the hard part. But it does get easier” Bojack Horseman


You can't dream while surviving. So live you life until you live your dream. Live, don't just Survive

Few words

I am a man who speaks a few words I would rather write than talk Or not say a word at all I try to be polite And not say anything rude But they mistake my silence For weakness Thinking I'm better than them Cause I'm different or so they say My view of the... Continue Reading →

Late night conversation with myself

Late night conversation with myself I don't whether I'm coming or going I don't feel like myself anymore I feel different, the vibe has changed Or maybe pain changed me. Love happened but nothing last forever So it had to end Was it me or was it you? We couldn't be happy I couldn't make... Continue Reading →

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