A Suspect of a lifetime

We may forgive but never forget My aspects are of my innocence in your eyes, my every action twisted, napping the kid turned to kidnapping. I feel the need to do this now more than ever, disowned I'm now pre-owned . Ease my pain, cut the chain, I pray in vein, day in day out... Continue Reading →

Nothing numbs the pain

We do what's bad To feel good We fool ourselves As long as it numbs the pain We go out and leave the pain at home Barely living but seeking love Two souls with no spirit I'm broke but money can't make me rich I'm sad but pills can't make me happy Dying but laughing... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a broken mind

I saw myself laying on the streets Bleeding out No one to help me Screaming with no voice Crying with no tears This tar road has turned into my death bed I look up and I could see was darkness The knife still inside my body Pull it out and end my life Or wait... Continue Reading →

Left behind

You are taking everyone Leaving me behind I watch as they go down Good people Gone for no reason How many do I have to mourn? Brittle like glass My heart shatters Trying to redirect the tears But they came down Like a house on fire How many people Before it's my turn Gone but... Continue Reading →

Walking through the forest

Walking through the forest Trees as old as my grandpa Wrinkly and fragile Trees so tall it's always night time No sunshine Even sunflowers are black and white Leafs are dry like they are surrounded by death This is where monsters come to die The smell of death in air So thick and foggy It's... Continue Reading →

I am grieving with you

I am grieving with you But not in the same way I can't take away pain I can't answers all your questions I can't promise you things will get better But I can tell you the truth Life is not fair Things get worse before they get better You are a strong young woman A... Continue Reading →

One love

The candles are lit It's cold a bit But the mood is right Your timing is perfect I see galaxies in your eyes. Let's meet where the oceans meet We could stare up in the sky And watch as the day turns to night Forget about tomorrow let's live for tonight . The view is... Continue Reading →

New born

I feel like a new born Seeing the world for the time Trying to find my way now I got lost in my own happiness Time and time again this life never seems to amaze me Nothing seems to shock me Foci seek out justice Or continue living carefree Minding my business Staying in my... Continue Reading →

Broken promises

Broken promises Nothing but lies and empty words No one is true to themselves How can they be true to they word? "I won't let you down I promise" A well constructed lie I must say It is just a distraction for all the chaos that's coming your way. "I will love you forever" We... Continue Reading →

I suffer alone

I suffer alone. I wait for the dark Like a vampire my thoughts are deadly at night My vampires are of a different breed They don't feed on blood They suck the life out of me Leaving me clueless Is my body useless? I took two knives for you One in back and one in... Continue Reading →

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