Monday motivation

Waking up early in the morning It's a new week, Time to make more memories, What adventures await you? Try to make the best of it, Laugh a little while working towards your goals. Start your week on a positive note, Fill your whole body with positive energy. Let's all be productive. I hope you... Continue Reading →


You can't dream while surviving. So live you life until you live your dream. Live, don't just Survive

Timing is everything

Time waits for no man When you don't get opportunities You need to make them No more relying on others No more saying "I'll do it later" The time is now Your time is now Don't hold yourself back No second guessing yourself Live with no regretsAnd remember that time waits for no man

Trust your gut

Energy doesn't lie trust the vibe you get From people. People will smile with you and still put a knife in your back. People can be with you but still not feel your pain. People are good at hiding thier true intentions. The masks that they wear doesn't come With emotions or feelings. People will... Continue Reading →

Why you wake up

Do you wake up everyday in the morning to live a meaningless life with no direction? What drives you? What is it that keeps you going? Is it money? Poverty? Are you happy with the way thungd6are going for you? Too many questions not enough time to answer all of them. Waking up in the... Continue Reading →

Expressions of you

She beautiful Wearing white She wears a permanent name tag tattoo upon benith her left shoulder Carres on how she ain't bothered by my approach, A glance in suspense, makes me tense but those eyes are worth a dream,

My inspiration

People often asked me what inspired me to start writing. My answer to those people is simple, pain made me do it, not having anyone to talk too made me do it Not been able to depend on anyone but myself made me do it. I have a lot of unsolved issues which I'm trying... Continue Reading →

Without it

We search and long for it Our hearts bleed without it We can't sleep let alone sit without it Yet we all possess it Blinded by heat we still search for it The memories we carry are overtaken by it We can all see it but we choose to shut our minds to it That's... Continue Reading →

Self driven

Belief is self driven. Don't do things to please others do them for yourself. Believe in your work cause that's a reflection of you. Don't listen to society do you and don't hold back. Have a positive outlook on life because that's where the belief starts, if you think positive and keep am open mind... Continue Reading →

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