Meditatio Ephemera

Life leaves those
you love at
its own pace, in
its own way:

the brief violence
of injury, the
cataclysmic failure
of brain or heart.

Both to be preferred,
you think now, to

the implacable tick
of illness, rogue cells
propagating, occupying
a vanishing vitality.

After a time, you wish
to find him dead,
gone in his sleep

before he becomes
too much
not himself.

You come to envy
the brief violence,
the cataclysmic failure,

anything but the
attenuating sickness,
the inexorable insult
to his faultless form,

which compels your
ragged attention — the
hollowing flanks,  the
uncertain gait —

the ruthless implications
of the failing body you
admired so

in the fullness of
its grace, its beauty.
How warm and welcome
his weight in your lap,

your grateful hand
plying his soft fur;
the resonant rumble.

You would take his
place now to spare him
the difficult disappearing


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Create Positive Routine During Lockdown


Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said... Have you checked out my latest post: Power Hour Readalong Day 03? I don’t know about you, but being a self-employed creative during lock-down has played absolute havoc with my routine and ability to focus… During Lockdown 01 I thought I’d nailed it, Lockdown 02 was fairly uneventful and instead of experiencing third time lucky, during this Lockdown my brain is officially all over the place and my concentration has gone awol… This is not ideal at the best of times, especially when trying to launch a new business and keep focused on my goals for the year… I’m not viewing this lack of concentration as a negative, instead I have decided to use it in order to fuel my creativity and adaptability and that is the inspiration behind this post – afterall, I can’t encourage you to do something if…

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You can see further through tears than a telescope could show. Look back and think twice as you just never know what tomorrow holds, I hope its Love, & that it make it last, I wouldn't mind a forever after my previous endeavors . I’ve been in and out of love so many times it... Continue Reading →

was it something in my bones


My blood

My heart

My skin

Was it something you could smell

You could see

You could taste

What about me

Told you

It was okay

Was it something in my eyes

In my closed mouth

In the way I dressed

What convinced you

Was it my willingness to do what you said

My submission to your every wish

The way I always let you

Tell me who to be

What about me

Made it okay

Was it the way I walked

The way I talked

The way I loved you

What about me

Told you

My flesh was not my own

That it was yours to take

And break

And bleed

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Sweet Vanity…

Such lovely writing. Check it out

The MCI Torch

Sitting from afar I used to watch them sing gloriously
An urge to join them haunting me like a ghost in vain
Fear of judgement and making mistakes completely
Kept me far away from the group always on my brain.

However,I finally got my wish wonderfully fulfilled
They warmly welcomed me and friends we became
The good and bad moments got our lives filled
Time ticking away,the end near with me to blame.

I wish I had joined them earlier on when I could
Fear of judgement replaced by inevitable separation
The expiry date comes quickly for what is so good
Hope someday our paths shall cross our destination.

©C I Mayende.

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An Introverted Spectacle

Just a lovely poem

By Tanzelle

Today I’m afraid
I’m not much in the way
of conversation.

You see, my mind is lost
and my thoughts are scattered
amongst the introverted spectacles
of my imagination …

“I write because it lets me be brave.” – the writer

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Great piece of writing from Augustine Mary Benedict


A lady whose eyes still keep me at wonder, saw her once for the impact to be so alive.Woke up feeling like writing to you, let's date back. Wishing to dating you, assail on you in the mystery to finding truth, what's it that's felt, is it in both you and I ?This might be... Continue Reading →

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