It’s an honour associating with such an angel. Love yourself before you can love others they say, I love you enough for the both of us, enough to still love myself loving you. One look in your eyes and there I see, just what you mean.
Here in my heart you reside I believe, you deserve better, and there I bare greener pastures, endless graze. Love was once blind patronised, neutralised by another innocent heart, god bless you with the love you don’t give back as I hold you close and love you but could never say I love you back

If you think I’m killing you , I’m yet to dig a deeper grave , turn your pains into your strength . my love is greater than ever , if its love you looking for , you need to look no further , I’ve spared my love for you , a lot does not exist when I’m in your presence , might sound like a mind playing but trust me when I say its time to turn the page and not close the book,
Never leave my side , sweet inspiration , I’m really inlove with you , I thought no one would knock me off my feet then you came through my path and swept me off my feet, you blew the sensations out of me .
As days pass by I realise the love I owe to you , how much I appreciate you , even though I hardly show it , I love you and I might not materially show it . as a lady one could say I’m head over heals for you , as a guy I’m falling for you in all directions.

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