Something in the water!

A beautiful stream,some call it a valley way, mapped as a river filled with hay to sit and wonder alongside its banks just to admire, a reminder as to the ban given since kindergarten

The water lights by night, best beautiful beaches one could wish they wished for, they is something in the water,

Sea levels at peak, waves waving hi then bye, the current motion going in and out, defines uncertainty how it pushes you away after just drawing you closer.

The sounds soothing like a melody to a song nature sang, consistent for its reliant, hopeful for it washes away sorrows, bringing joy upon faces of all ages.For ages I have been around, I am the source to life and the necessity to all living for that I can say you are nothing without me, you pollute only to recycle, harming to heal, like a song I forgot it’s words to.

Morning comes and I face my fear, walking deeper and deeper into sea until I can’t feel the ground no more, afloat stroking and paddling, trying to stay afloat, the pain that hurts and that, that alters, helpless in fear.

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