The moon that shine light to night , making it day , our time to shine  , party , love , passion , unleashed to new expectation , what I got for you is more than love but infatuation , intuation running through me , man I gotta have you , that smile , that blush , drawing me closer to you , beauty and essence drowning my sarrow , bringing me affection , why you ? has no answer.

You and I , no wrong impressions , just good intensions , are you letting me in or what ? let me know whether to pass or continue .

No time to beat around bushes , I need a somebody not that I’m desperate but my soul needs to inspiration, i feel under-rated , I aint never did this before , dare me love , I might give it I might not , hope you noticed it’s a mind game , just convience me to falling/tripping for you.

Hopes of you reaching for me on the long fall to your heart .
Heaven will rise , heaven will bow to what we achieve, what we have is cherished in all ways  , its called love  .

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