I have for love fallen first

Reluctant in letting go for I know I am best for you, they’d love to be next to you, I want whats best for you, include myself as what’s best for this.

I kind of know what’s best for you. Hard to figure all this out by myself, alone I long for you, you send so longs to me so long ago, I am a grave you never bothered to visit after the funeral.

Give it all up for I have lost it all, or lift it all up and start it all over, all facade, pulling faces to hide what’s felt inside. Burnt bridges and escalating measures as to how steep a mountain can be, the climb has gotten way too high to drop, fall and make it out the same.

I am losing what exactly, that I haven’t lost already? It might get to us questioning ourselves, and I swear not even that helps.

Easing on what’s felt by you and I. So long for now, it won’t be so long until you see me, now more than ever you see me for the now, nothing in between us, your time is my time, I appreciate your time.

It’s funny how everything revolves around you or you know how to make it about you, and the selflessness in me doesn’t help with all this.

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