Moral encompassing

Find meaning in searching, search for purpose or find purpose in searching, preach lessons beyond hypothesis, lessons learned, experienced.

Thoughts are just thoughts in context to knowledge, they might be dreams after all, dreams slept on, or pictures that come up as flashbacks, setbacks, looking back.

Note to self. Chilled is my vibe, subscribed is my passion to poetry as all I ever write.

It is only perfect if it is something you’ve been through, pulling through, comes harder than a penetrating erection, hate on how you judge my imperfections, it breaks my heart, broken pieces gathered and only then a puzzle’s played.

They are still cracks navigating to the tragic loss of love once shared, won’t mention any names but I thank her for what I’ve got today.

Looking back on life, not living in the present, just cherishing the remarks of what’s implied.

You might find me deep , deeper than a wishing well , well just throw your coin in and make a wish , await with crossed fingers and the faith of your dreams coming to life.

Surely I will not give you high hopes and leave you diving without a parachute secured, just in case we tremble on our feet when we land, keep it in mind that baby steps mature to success .

Desire is satisfaction , to every action there is a reaction , two things can be merged and that’s hearts and not thoughts or our minds , lets paint them out the picture and portray a what’s worth more than thee Monalisa on auction.  


11 thoughts on “Moral encompassing

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    1. I appreciate the feedback and as to the topic at hand, do we really get to find ourselves, know ourselves? I because I feel we’re all lost soul and the only time you find in searching, it’s the end of the road, you never live to say or share but in your actions we get a glimpse.


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