If Man hide their emotions, I bury mine from undeserving souls. I’ve got this image in my head painting me fantasies, not far of a fairytale.

I have parts to my brain no one wants to indulge, can I serve you a piece of mine, a piece of mind, a piece you’ll find. We become a lot of different people before we even settle into who we are.

I can always dance for you, may be better if I dance with you,  

Heart of the author sail with its written work, made music, the spirit stay attached to echo the soul with orchestra, for obedience is better than sacrifice

Its things that I’m not proud of that would fill and spill when contained, and not retain, kicked out the train inspector caught you with no ticket, pick it up its trash, smash who ever dares be an oppose, proposer

I was looking for my father all my life, I now realise I was looking for myself

Look hard enough and see whatever it is you want to see , it might come about ltrue rather false .
All I got do is thank my accent for drawing you closer.
What lacks a code has no worth .
Life’s more or less a two way stream , what you give is what you get.
That’s love , my passion , me giving it all , redundancy with a purpose .
I’ve always been shy even though thoughts of me having this in me dominate my weakness of fear , fear of not being free and honest with myself.
The confidence I lack disadvantages me as I know how I really feel about you but find it hard to express it freely .
His love establishes connections and bonds , the intimacy of two souls , diversions of uplifted emotions , who we are not who we pretend to be.
I hear it all comes and goes in a nick of time and easy come easy go but my instincts stick to what you fail to hold eternal.
Souls losing minds, preferring to think with your heart rather mind, as it only leads to ending cliffs and if you ask me , yes I do mind breaking a heart , if I do it was not out of intension its just interaction, me tempted by freedom driven by love but not getting my expectations.

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