You can see further through tears than a telescope could show.

Look back and think twice as you just never know what tomorrow holds, I hope its Love, & that it make it last, I wouldn’t mind a forever after my previous endeavors .
I’ve been in and out of love so many times it loses significance in third person. I choose to still, smile like I used to, little to nothing to lose hearing you say goodbye, one could live a lifetime longing to feel this way, the reason why it kills me noticing the raft, the reason we are alive but aren’t living.

What we’re going through, just a quarter short to crossing that yellow brick road, greener pastures await us across, take my hand, we don’t love the same no more but believe me when I say, we’re almost there.

Life turning on me like, twisting mills, only I am so dried out, no matter how many times it turns, no water comes up from the ground, a million little things may change but in our minds they stay the same as memories we reflect on.

You see I can’t stand here and claim life to be against my odds when it’s really in favour.
Failing people being what I hate as I hate being failed, the best study being of yourself in depth, I turn back to look at my tracks only to find they’re fading on the path I’ve took backtracking.
Look with my achievements behind and learning from that making me a better person.

Blinded to your wrongs or ignorant is a better word, I treat you well, the daughter I never had, you lost your father and we lost our touch, we broke beyond shatter, I came right back to construct that we had, couldn’t let no man advantage himself a forsaken soul.

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