A lady whose eyes still keep me at wonder, saw her once for the impact to be so alive.
Woke up feeling like writing to you, let’s date back. Wishing to dating you, assail on you in the mystery to finding truth, what’s it that’s felt, is it in both you and I ?
This might be my way of saying good morning or good night but on a good night, consolidating the occasion. Saw you in fury first meeting you, standing your ground, I don’t know what to make of you, of this.

I stand here, not much to offer, constant thought I should cuff her, my approach; entered the room cuffs in hand, my jeans still on, no shirt, feel on me, permission to shackle you, embark with me, don’t be shy with me, unwind for me, breathe, permission to shackle you, get comfortable, learn with me, learn me as I am learning you, can I learn on you, I ask as I lean on you , “too fast, can we slow it down and the music too, pour a glass or two, do you smoke, do you have some smokes, can we talk. “

We can wait for night and maybe glaze at the stars, I might glance at the night but I swear my eyes have been on you.

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