I am dealing through with life and it’s little hiccups.

Like in search of lost keys you wonder with hopes up, eyes blunt as significance of the loss of hope in finding the lost.

Giving up ain’t an option when running out of options opting to hear remorse coming from both sides of our relationship relation.

I am looking for something in you that I too do not possess, trying to find it in you and probably passing it by for I don’t know what’s it I’m looking for.

What’s it you want in life? what’s it you want for yourself? Right there and then I feel like I have lost you for what I am about to say, what’s your opinion of me anyhow because when I first got the pleasure of your acquaintance my mind romped as you blossomed for me like a flower you are.

What happens next is everybodies guess, pretty give me something to look towards

The misunderstood kids of our generation work harder to try understand common ground, norms society set, and in that I am better.

I pray for understanding.
I give it all just to lose it all.

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