Hurt me, break my heart.

I give myself to you , a sacrifice for I see fit, I’ve reevaluated all that could go wrong, it outweighs the good in this, what do I see in this, I feel for this, a gentle kiss, I miss my miss, it is what it is when “is” is and not “was” .

Comparison of past and present, bury and try not revisit the grave, pave to smooth your walk, tomorrow is still a day, not guaranteed, how do you say you are hopeless when you hope to see me another day?

Smile worth pearls, hair short so you see her eyes pop, get lost looking, get cold feet and try make you laugh, smile so I get to feel more at ease looking at you after a good while of glancing in suspense.

I really like the feeling you give, the person I see in you, the woman you turn out to be and promise with all in me to do right by you, stand by your flaws, love for you, and pray every night you do the same for me.

I am not one to ease and share myself, I’d rather run, hide emotion and save myself than expose myself, I gave in with you, still giving with more to offer.

Couldn’t lie to myself denying what’s felt, heartfelt songs sung the melody of the heartbeat in accordance to yours, a cause a disguised quest to finding your love while searching the corners to your heart.

Let me love you now.

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