A Thirst only you can quinch

Put your intentions clear before you hit me up.

See through me like I see in you and not yet through you, see in me what I am truly and not only what I portray, say, say what’s it that comes to mind and play through the pauses of life. Paws with claws how every other body stick fingers in all achievements of mine, I didn’t mean to label this all me but its about how sacrifice in putting you before me works , implements that ladies first, putting you before me, I am over you, head over heals for you, at least I hope it to, I ain’t done with you for I  think of you.

Hesitant to get ahold of you, not so certain where your thoughts lay, I might just be reminding you of what you are trying so hard to pass by as I call trying to find something. You see in you I found all I have ever asked for and more, it moved me how you let me, a metanal facade.

Life for him lost reason, being a fool, you are simple minded, I am thirsty I need water to bring me back to life again.

You might be living me for a good cause, doing it for the best of me, but you’re leaving me to the world. Out there as someone who believes it’s out there. I am sorry to the world for I too lose track at times.

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