A perfect setting

She came over to the Cafe for lunch, asked for something charred to snack on and I should take my time preparing, but still consider she ain’t herself today and that she can’t stay as long as she would love to.

Early morning, catch the flowers bloom, sweep the street before the yard and then the house, my room be last like how I put myself last. Selfless and proud, the selfish will never say that out loud.

Appron, gloves on, my mask off , she got to see this smile she provoked, she got to feel how feel.

A talk on intentions, cheer you up only to say goodbye, and here am I thinking, I am myself now. Emotions run wild, she ain’t shallow nor hallow in speaking her mind, you’ll find if in search, intrigued but still withheld by the standards set by the one before.

Be mine so I could be your all, the one you call, your one and all, the catch when fall, 

Learn me, face me, don’t hear me understand me, cheer me, it ain’t me, ain’t about me, it’s never been, the world doesn’t owe you, who owes who, pay your dues, choose the chose it ain’t mine to have, give me credit feeling, falling for you in this, doing what feels right, sea sight blues, balcony views, some smoke and booze, Cruz.

Misused excuses, tranquil beauty and a smile in deuces, her heart conducive of my ways and doings, you see I am a sensitive man, people don’t take that about me and I don’t look it but still am.

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