You’re male before you’re a man, my barber said in a long conversation of about how rational decision taking makes of the gender, no matter what discipline was taught in your uprising that get tinted at a glance of another.

We go on through so many lengths looking for trouble, effort required seem effortless, a walk through the den of thieves in search for some pleasure, living behind a fortune settling for so little, how belittling of one from self.

Everything is beautiful when you look at it a little longer, just take some time and not glance but look, I turn to find beauty in lost souls for I am one, clouds clouding my judgment in all I decide, do it for you for you are by yourself, acceptance of being alone might not be the easiest of things to do, something I myself haven’t yet accomplished to refer. I look myself in the mirror everytime and I’m absurd, I don’t know myself, I don’t know what I want, even when working towards something.

I lost you to myself, all fault on I, cut me a piece to that apple pie, a stand to your side, no sides, piece by the window cooling, you took a bite of it cold, therefore you got the best of it.

Stay true to self, lighten the weight of your heart to feather weight, I know it weighs heavy with all it carries, and all that is said that we’re no longer a pair, forget about being on the same page but on different chapters. back page, a flip towards a blank narrative.

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