The clouds out in numbers, the clouds out and up in competence with the sun rays, what a beautiful morning.

It won’t rain even when the signs show, it seems so cold even when the sun glows, the wind blows and goes with the same flow, gentle breeze with ease, humble weather, the coloured leather resembles watered feathers of a flock caught by the drops of fresh water that fell in participation of the days clouds.

I fear the pain of the sane for they say eventually after the struggle of keeping things bottled up, lost in silence we hurt, and what’s so joyous about that is getting to speak as a gesture to opening closets, for the skeletons are getting too comfortable in me.

Lies as a part of my life not disregarded when it should be, a lie to myself turns to another to thee other until you can’t differentiate between a truth and a lie.

I talk to myself in search for self, for the first time I have a blank mind, only then when I try and think, comes the blank mind . For all the times I try to not think with thoughts overwhelming, “make up your mind” , I can’t fight to keep my sanity. All my life I have been on the run to being the best I can, for who I am, but who am I and what’s all that.

I scare myself and funny I attract, I try and subtract retract so I could keep track, cause I lose it at times, but not all the time, so give me some time to work on timing, I’m shy, I can’t really say a lot, this confidence is just a facade, a pair of shoes I wear, more like a season change, uncertain and mostly unpleasant like new ones.

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