7th floor

Tense in what happens in a room with you and I, with all these strange familiar faces trying to squeeze this lemon of ours into bitter dry.
It’s in how sweet love can be only to hurt so deep, how we’re good together, apart and in secret only to turn backs in a crowd. You see I do not know with you for I fell for you only to be lifted up back to my feet, told to stand tall and proud, the opposite of what I had wished to achieve with you.
I saw you go from kissing me in the dark in a car speeding, eyes closed and almost missed a turn, kissing the hell out of me pointing you out to be what I had hoped you to be, my biggest crush in both what I want and the smash of my heart to towards the cages, crush vitality only to look me in the eye to the impact you have done.

Spiteful or rather devious, a division line between the two, one over the other, you’re doing both to spite me, or maybe it ain’t about me like it has never been, and that I’m too full myself, inconsiderate.

I see a tear roll down your cheek as I rub your thigh feeling guilty for I feel to be the cure and the cause, the look you give unpleasant for it adds on to the guilt I carry, fury in your eyes looking down to me. Lied about my status thinking I should save you the mesery of the end to what we share or rebel for you really know what you really want.

A dare followed by truth unrevealing, naked as I had ever felt publicly, I saw what my saying did to her, emotions changed, fun perished with everyone else in the room and for a moment It was just you and I, the worst I have ever felt considering you were the one to have gave me the best feeling caressing my lips only to hold on to my hand not letting it easy to let go.

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