The same hands that made the stars made you

The resemblance of the beauty in shine, a dandelion in comparison to a flower, I should have said that in your face having a chance to but rather held in bottled up & as I couldn’t no more , I just had to write this letter,in hope to show you what matters. Shine your feathers, so I could be proud seeing you fly, cut the product so you could smell the flowers when i get botanic with you, you say you are down when only you long for plug, stick around the bullshit as they is something i sse in you, i could name all kinds of wrongs that can come out of this good, you say you keep it hood and that’s what scares me trying to get you out that very same place I built myself to the harness I turned out to be.

I would tell my story and sheared a tear & watch the audience fill with sorrow, don’t you feel sorry for me for again my story is beautiful.

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