My last bully

It was in the 5th grade
Early in the morning
I wasn’t looking forward to school
Mainly because i didn’t do my homework
Lets just say i wasn’t the brightest of them all
There i was short and chubby
Standing in line waiting for the teacher
Here comes my bully
The guy was 3 years older than me
Started making fun of me
Both mt height and weight
In front of everybody
I had no response to what he was saying
So i thought if i couldn’t use words maybe i could use my hands
He saw that he was getting to me
He came closer
Basically begged me to lay a finger on him
Something in my mind said “make it count”
I pushed him with all my might
He fell to the ground and instantly stood up
All up in my face again
So i did it again this time harder
You could almost feel the impact as you hit the ground.
I remember him trying to push back but i stood my ground
He knew he was fucked
I’m about to put my hands on him
But the teacher showed up
After school is after he said.
The day went by fast
And soon it was after school
Was i gonna let him push me around?
Not anymore
I was the first one to leave the class room
And waited for him at the gate
Even called him out
No smile on my face
I was ineed angry
And ready for a fight
I could tell he was scared
I told him not to mess with me
(Where is this confidence coming from)
I’m not scared of you
I said
Its after school and we both here
Hit me if you can
The crowd got bigger
All he said was
“You are not worth my time”
And simply walked away

The end.

He never made fun of me again

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