Love letter

Ohh mr pessimistic bunny

I love that , i love you the way i do, its different very different. I can’t love anyone the same

We may have bumps in the road but one thing i love most about you , is the way you look at me , sends shivers down my spine

I love that your able to challenge me intellectually. Emotionally .

I grow in more ways than one because i have a great partner by my said…💆🏽‍♀️

I love that your smart , you really under estimate how smart you are. You are extremely intelligent.🌚💯🕊️

You have a beautiful heart & soul . and as dark as you might seem there’s this light about you , your a beautiful , beautiful person ❤️ .

I love the boy-ish charm about you i love. You have a beautiful smile . 🕊️🌚 oohh damn nigga , your smile gets me every time . 💯
Your like I’m not going to say I’m missing. I love that you make me feel complete 😻❤️ i love the way you make me feel .i love your voice

Your sarcasm , your sense of humor every trait that makes up your personality❤️

Your whole demeanor 💕 the way you walk , the way you breathe , you move different . i love everything about you from your very top hair❤️ to your irregular heart beat ❤️the finger prints on your hands ❤️ the fine hairs on your body ❤️ every aspect you of that make you , you are catered exactly for me ❤️then right to your tippy toes. I love everything about you .

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