Like a flower growing in a crack on a sidewalk unnoticed

The deep scents of pollen sent with the slight breeze blowing north. The sun is out at its best, kids bursting in joy and laughter, a walk down the alley not so different from any other day, everything in place, you see I am one to be observant and aware of my surroundings. I can take you down memory lane and soak you in suspense in question for how do you turn out so after all you have encompassed.

Who are you, whose son above all, so many questions at hand and still no one to stand for them. You feel absent with me looking you in thee eye, so dead inside, the feeling of not feeling anything, like selfish preying on selfless

Sadly a third of life is spent in sleep, therefore I hope you wouldn’t be harsh with me confessing I’ve been sleeping on you, or would you rather play hard with all the efforts put in, I try, throw me a bone in significance, he’s so full of it, himself I mean, how does one want someone so bad they lose themselves in the quest only to refriend?

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