Sleepless nights away from home

Just a street away , cold showers in encouragement of being cousey. The wind blows south, the weather man not so accurate, conversations out the roof.

Her heart still don’t stand a chance , it feels like it’s been far too long in searching, in surf of innerself, they’s a place inside locked in with a dozen chains, I got the keys, just like a jailbird, locked in & given all the time in the world to think about their doings, I had time to myself , with that came a place no one can access, move or take away from you.

Catch my drift trying to show you emotion, catch my kisses as I blow them, a birds whose furthers shine , a bird that can’t be caged or deprived of flying.

Beautiful with an attitude, that changed my eye for you, I see you different but can still see the best in you.

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