A glance of what could be

Just like a taste of paradise, an escape from reality, a place were dreams come to life.

A life that lives in your presence, it’s a young man’s world, we always make way for the next generation as we mess up our old ways.

Just like you made exceptions letting be, held me in your arms in complaisant, searched and found, looked and saw thee eyes you gave.

Alot was said with no words uttered, actions loud, a moving car could be our four walls, we got company for we can’t let go holding back, kisses in the moonlight, touching & rubbing, hugging not letting go, mind blowing, heart taking, all I want is you.

I was once the seedless plant holding on to erosion, that kept hugging soil that doesnt hug it back. With this fertile soil I want you to cover my roots as you nourish my wounds, inflict a smile, provoke butterflies in my stomach, give me feels.

Like a tree that grew by the banks one that’s nourished so evergreen

I see life in you looking in your eyes. Could never picture you cry, the smile that provokes the heart, a heart to fulfill my depth.

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