Your eyes in demise, sacrifice of a love & of a fairytale, I got plenty tales, I could plot a tear, probably see her cry as she thank a smile, more than happy & don’t know how to thank me now.
Take your time , I took my time, I’ve been away screaming absence
Her face as she pouts, mmhhhm, hold her mouth coz she loud.
It’s a small world, like two ships passing by.
Your youth not withstanding, you were unstable, my intestinal fortune got me here
We are vigilant without the company we keep
Take that in your hand , don’t lose or misuse it
Do me real good, just like I knew you would.
You know how to read my mind, I am fickle & occasionally peacefully vindictive .
Tonight I find myself in a strange place, I feel the youth has lost their ways, my butterscotch queen, grab me absolution , I pray for understanding, curios & mysterious , has her days of being devious, me and her, can’t miss us, you know it’s us.
Moving up & move out
Show me love & show me happiness
Love be the practice
My heart is the graduate
Hate being what we say to one another when we mad & that’s sad, nowa days I don’t know whether that’s meant.
We don’t stay, always on the way
Let’s sit & talk , display & all is replay

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