Thoughts of a wondering mind

I’m turning into a non believer..
I shouldn’t be your caregiver.
A lot of you are misguided,
Bad tour guide.
You see where I’m going with this?
How can you get the better picture with no HDMI?
All you got is dime colours.
Beauty with no brains.
But you someone’s type.
As I type I think to myself

Are you the one for me,
Or am I fooling myself again.
I can’t trust the process that broke my heart.
You can’t get me twice ,
Once was enough .
I’m good for now.
Time for a breather .
I’m taking a break from all three heart breaks.

Thank you for reading.  I would rather like to hear from you guys, any and all feedback is welcome.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a wondering mind

Add yours

  1. I like your writing.. I also just want to be me 🙂

    I recently joined FB group Bloggers Group.

    We can chat someday on FB


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