Dearest self

hold me like a lamp light
I pray you don’t let go, I’ve never been one to kneel
but I’ve heard kneecaps are the beds of prayers and since then I’ve torn my jeans in your name.
I’ve danced in the dark, where the waltz carries us to our hearts where I’ve heard mute men sing and their song was melancholy like a summers breeze and the whistling of trees, made me wish I could enjoy silence this much, that I could whisper silence and fall in love with it’s voice.
dearest self
your heart, it beats.
I put my hand against it one time for a handshake and it reached out to grab my hand, as to say nice to meet and as it dropped dead, you should have seen brain, he screamed out that’s not a cage its a harbour. that’s your home, he replied how’s it a harbour when no ship ever anchors, how’s it a home when it stays in it’s room for days without light, the heart said yes I do love the dark sometimes. because like seeds I grow, I do like silence sometimes, because I get to hear.

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